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Olympic Fractions

As I've started getting ready for next school year, I couldn't help but MOAN when I thought of reviewing simplifying and equivalent fractions with my sixth graders. This was a skill that no matter how many times we reviewed and reviewed, still didn't come easily to them. So on a wild Saturday night, as I was perusing Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers and Instagram, it hit me:


We are going to be going back to school right as the 2016 Summer Olympics will be coming to a close, so I felt inspired to incorporate the Olympics into my beginning of the year fraction review. I knew for sure that reviewing greatest common factor and simplifying fractions (and FORCING my students to see the connection between the two!) was going to be what kickstarted my year next year and thanks to the Olympics commercial that popped up on my television, my students will have a more memorable and meaningful review of these concepts!

Here is how I plan to use this newly created resource:

1. Print out the "task cards" (for lack of a better term) and place one at each group.

2. Give students the sheet to record their answers and allow them to work on whatever colored ring is at their seat.

3. Students will rotate to each colored ring until they have answered all of the questions for each ring.

You may access a link to this resource in my TpT store below!

I hope you and your students enjoy this activity as much as I anticipate mine will!


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Hey there, I'm Lauren.

I'm a 6th grade math teacher in Missouri. Mathematics in the Middle is an educational blog devoted to resources and ideas that can be applied to any middle school mathematics classroom.

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