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Click the link above to access my Teachers Pay Teachers shop!


Below you will find a link to my shared Google Drive folder filled with resources you are welcome to use in your own classroom with your own students!

Please do not "request edit access." To have your own copy, simply click FILE and choose MAKE A COPY. This will put a copy of the document you'd like in your own Google Drive and allow you to make edits as needed to fit your students.

These documents are intended for personal use only. Please do not use them in any way to create products you intend to sell. 

If you use any of these products in your classroom, I would LOVE to see!

Feel free to tag me on Instagram @mathematicsinthemiddle. 

If you are satisfied with these resources and you'd like to make a small donation, feel free to find me on Venmo or PayPal! Thanks in advance!

Venmo: @Lwiegand27


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