I'm currently in my 8th year of teaching middle school math. I previously taught 8th grade math and algebra in Springfield, MO and 5 years ago, I made the move back to my home town of Saint Louis, MO to teach 6th grade math.  For me the transition from 8th grade math to 6th grade math was far from easy and even further from graceful. I quickly began to wonder if I was cut out for the lower grades of middle school. After many trips back to the drawing board, I decided that 6th grade actually the perfect fit for me.


I'm a pretty typical early-thirties teacher. I spend far too many hours on Pinterest. I'm that girl who is convinced that "I can make that myself!" when I find a cute something or other in a boutique or department store (Truth: If something is $10, and you claim you can make it yourself, it can and will end up costing you $40). I watch entirely too much HGTV for my own good. I love to shop, but refuse to buy something if it's not on sale. I claim to hate watching movies, unless said movie is a cheesy rom-com. I'm learning more and more each day to be spontaneous and truth be told, life is just more fun that way.




WHY DID I START THIS BLOG? Honestly, I was bored one summer night between my first two years of teaching and became completely obsessed with reading teaching blogs.  The more blogs I read, and the more lessons I found, the more I wanted to create my own. 


I love the idea of connecting with teachers with similar interests and content areas all over the world. I realize, I'm still very new to this game, but I figured there was no time like the present. With that being said, I'm still a newbie to the whole teaching game too. I obviously have a lot still to learn, but I feel in my 6 short years of experience, I've created plenty of lesson plans that can benefit students beyond the 100 students that walk through my door.


My hope is that you check back often to find new and creative ways to teach mathematics in the middle.

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Hello, I'm Lauren. I'm a 6th grade math teacher in Saint Louis, Missouri. Mathematics in the Middle is an educational blog devoted to resources and ideas that can be applied to any middle school mathematics classroom.

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