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I'm currently in my 10th year of teaching middle school math. I taught 8th grade math + algebra in my college town for 2 years and moved to 6th grade when I moved back to my hometown in 2015.  For me the transition from 8th grade math to 6th grade math was far from easy and even further from graceful. But as I'm about to embark on my 8th year of teaching 6th grade, I can't imagine myself teaching anything else. 6th grade has my heart.


I'm a pretty typical thirty-something gal. I spend far too much time on Instagram, usually scrolling and rarely posting (I'm trying to get better about this). I love designing, crafting and creating all the things both for my classroom and for various occasions + celebrations. When I'm not teaching or creating things, you can find me hanging out with my husband, Curtis and our golden retriever, Chief. The way to my heart is coffee + good books, country music, game shows, oversized sweatshirts and trips to TJ Maxx.

about mathematics in the middle

Why did I start Mathematics in the Middle? Honestly, I was bored one summer night between my first two years of teaching and became completely obsessed with reading teaching blogs.  The more blogs I read, and the more lessons I found, the more I wanted to create my own. 


I love the idea of connecting with teachers with similar interests and content areas outside of my own little bubble. I believe we as teachers can always find something to learn from one another; I've learned SO much from so many other teachers from all over the world! That being said, I too feel like I've got something to offer other teachers. I have plenty of "teacher tips" that can be applied in most classrooms and have created some pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) activities that I know can benefit more students than just the ones that are in my classroom each year.


My hope is that you check here + my instagram often to find new and creative ways to teach mathematics in the middle.

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meet lauren

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Hey there, I'm Lauren.

I'm a 6th grade math teacher in Missouri. Mathematics in the Middle is an educational blog devoted to resources and ideas that can be applied to any middle school mathematics classroom.

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