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marmaduke MADE

Another thing near and dear to my heart is my Marmaduke Made account. Currently it is just an Instagram account devoted to my iPad lettering. I have been commissioned by many friends and some strangers to letter on chalkboards for their weddings and I decided to give my little lettering hobby a "brand" if you will. For me, this is simply a creative outlet and a way to hopefully bring joy to others through inspirational quotes and cute designs.

My hope is to someday sell prints, paper goods + other gifts with my lettering on it, so this is me manifesting it now. Fear of inadequacy is something I'm trying very hard to get over, I just need to freaking do it, right?!

If you like what you see, please follow along @marmaduke.made on Instagram.

marmaduke READS

My very favorite hobby is to read. After I created Marmaduke Made, I noticed myself using that platform to also share my love of books with my friends + followers. Well, during summer 2022, I found myself reading WAY too many books and didn't want that to become the main focus of that account, thus, Marmaduke Reads was created.

Along with teaching + lettering, I also absolutely LOVE following all of the #bookstagram accounts. So yes, another Instagram account seems absolutely ridiculous, but what can I say, I like to keep my passions separate + organized; think of it like different folders in your Google Drive for each hobby.

Over on @marmaduke.reads, you will find current reads, book recommendations + reviews, the occasional reel (definitely still learning!), and monthly book wrap-ups. My favorite authors are Colleen Hoover + Taylor Jenkins Reid. Those two can seriously do NO wrong in my eyes. My favorites of theirs are Verity (CoHo) and Daisy Jones & The Six (TJR) however, with them it's hard to choose just one favorite. Aside from the RomCom genre, I also enjoy thrillers with a solid twist and stories with alternating timelines. 

If you too are a reader or if you're hoping to get back into reading (I promise books are better than anything you'll find on Netflix!), please use the links below to follow along with my reading journey and hopefully gain some good book recs!

Happy reading friends!


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meet lauren

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Hey there, I'm Lauren.

I'm a 6th grade math teacher in Missouri. Mathematics in the Middle is an educational blog devoted to resources and ideas that can be applied to any middle school mathematics classroom.

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