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Goodbye Summer School, Hello Summer!

This week marks the end of a long month of summer school. As a soon-to-be fourth year teacher, this was the first opportunity I've had in my career to take on such an endeavor, and I will say it was quite the experience!

As someone who is used to planning one class, one middle school math class and teaching it 5 times a day, summer school challenged me a bit. I was planning for two, 3 hour courses, one of them was a HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE class. Though I'm certified to teach science as well, you could definitely say I was out of my "element" (okay that was a terrible pun). The other class of course was a middle school math class and was more my cup of tea, I found that planning for such a long class each day and keeping kids motivated to learn and work for a 3 hour sitting was quite the daunting task. Needless to say, "outside" time became my biggest motivator!

Well, as of this Friday, summer school will officially be over. This means, I can officially kick back, relax and get to start enjoying the things I love most about summertime. Call me crazy, but one of my favorite summertime activities is looking forward to and preparing for the next school year. Summer is when I find myself at my most creative and I tend to take full advantage of it! [So stay tuned for many summer blog posts to come!]

I guess what I'm looking forward to most currently is the ISTE 2016 conference taking place in Denver, Colorado. I found out last minute that my district needed someone to fill in for a teacher that could no long go, and I of course jumped at the opportunity! We (myself and 5 other teachers along with our district technology coordinator) leave on Sunday and will be in Denver until Wednesday. I can't wait to meet so many new people and hear about all the latest trends in educational technology!

To follow my journey at ISTE 2016, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram using the links below:

Happy summer fellow teachers!


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Hey there, I'm Lauren.

I'm a 6th grade math teacher in Missouri. Mathematics in the Middle is an educational blog devoted to resources and ideas that can be applied to any middle school mathematics classroom.

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